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-==== Working with Gesture Filters in GML ==== 
-[[::​activating_and_adjusting_delta_limits|Activating And Adjusting Delta Limits]] 
-[[::​activating_and_adjusting_gesture_boundaries|Activating And Adjusting Gesture Boundaries]] 
-[[:​using_the_inertial_filter_with_the_drag_gesture|Using The "​Inertial Filter"​ With The Drag Gesture]] 
-[[:​using_the_mean_filter_with_the_rotate_gesture|Using The "Mean Filter"​ With The Rotate Gesture]] 
-[[:​using_the_multiply_filter_to_create_fast-drag_gesture|Using The "​Multiply Filter"​ To Create Fast-Drag Gesture]] 
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