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 {{:​gestures:​touch:​simple:​temporal:​single-tap:​three_finger_tap_gestureworks.png?​200|}} {{:​gestures:​touch:​simple:​temporal:​single-tap:​three_finger_tap_gestureworks.png?​200|}}
 | |
-The 3-finger-tap gesture is designed to . +The 3-finger-tap gesture is designed to dispatch a discrete gesture event when three touch points are begin and end in close proximity within well a defined short period of time.
 |} |}
-When two or more touch points are recognized on a touch object the relative orientation of the touch points are tracked and grouped into a cluster. This change in the orientation of the cluster is mapped directly to the rotation of the touch object. 
 <​code:​csharp linenums:​1>​ <​code:​csharp linenums:​1>​
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