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(Touch → Temporal → Tap → Three Point Tap Gesture “3-Point-Tap”)

The 3-finger-tap gesture is designed to dispatch a discrete gesture event when three touch points are begin and end in close proximity within well a defined short period of time.

<Gesture id="3-finger-tap" type="tap">
                <point event_duration_max="200" translation_max="10"/>
                <cluster point_number="3"/>
                <event touch_event="touchEnd"/>
        <algorithm class="temporalmetric" type="discrete">
            <library module="tap"/>
                <property id="tap_x" result="x"/>
                <property id="tap_y" result="y"/>
                <property id="tap_n" result="n"/>
        <update dispatch_type="discrete">
            <gesture_event type="tap">
                <property ref="tap_x"/>
                <property ref="tap_y"/>
                <property ref="tap_n"/>
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