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 ====== 5-Finger-Rotate ====== ====== 5-Finger-Rotate ======
 (Touch → Spatial → Rotate → Five Point Rotate Gesture “5-Finger-Rotate”) (Touch → Spatial → Rotate → Five Point Rotate Gesture “5-Finger-Rotate”)
 +{| style="​100%"​
 +The f-finger-Rotate gesture is designed to provide object rotation functionality using any number of touch points. It is considered to be one of the three fundamental object manipulation gestures.
 +When five touch points are recognized on a touch object the relative orientation of the touch points are tracked and grouped into a cluster. This change in the orientation of the cluster is mapped directly to the rotation of the touch object.
 <​code:​csharp linenums:​1>​ <​code:​csharp linenums:​1>​
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