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(Touch → Context-Aware → One Point Pivot “1-Finger-Pivot”)

The 1-finger-pivot gesture analyzes the motion of a single touch point cluster and calculates the change in rotation (“pivot_dtheta”) of a pivot arm drawn from the center of the touch object to the touch point.

<Gesture id="1-finger-pivot-inertia" type="pivot">
                <cluster point_number="1"/>
        <algorithm class="kinemetric" type="continuous">
            <library module="pivot"/>
                <property id="pivot_dtheta" result="pivot_dtheta"/>
            <property ref="pivot_dtheta" active="true" delta_min="0.01" delta_max="10"/>
        <update dispatch_type="continuous">
            <gesture_event type="pivot">
                <property ref="pivot_dtheta" target="rotate"/>
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