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Editing Double Tap Interevent Duration

The “interevent_duration” attribute of the <point> tag is used to define the allowable time between gesture events.

In the example below the “n-double_tap” gesture uses “interevent_duration_max” to define the maximum allowable time between successive TAP events. In this case if the amount of time between tap events is less than 300ms then the next matching criteria can be tested.

<Gesture id=“n-double_tap” type=“double_tap”>

              <point event_duration_max="300" interevent_duration_max="300" translation_max="20"/>
              <cluster point_number="0"/>
              <event gesture_event="tap"/>
      <algorithm class="temporalmetric" type="discrete">
          <library module="double_tap"/>
              <property id="double_tap_x" result="x"/>
              <property id="double_tap_y" result="y"/>
              <property id="double_tap_n" result="n"/>
      <update dispatch_type="discrete" dispatch_mode="batch" dispatch_interval="200">
          <gesture_event  type="double_tap">
              <property ref="double_tap_x"/>
              <property ref="double_tap_y"/>
              <property ref="double_tap_n"/>


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